Recent Before & After Photos

Saving Wood Floors

When your home suffers a water loss, it doesn't always mean removing all of the flooring. We can often save more than needs to be replaced if the water comes fr... READ MORE

Office Damaged By Storms

When severe storms struck our area, this office was flooded by stormwater from heavy rains. As you can see, there was a lot of standing water inside the buildin... READ MORE

Flooding After Storm

Overflowing Pond After Severe Storms When severe storms impacted our area, heavy rains caused a nearby pond outside this home to overflow. The water entered the... READ MORE

Damage From Storms Can Be Fixed

Insurance companies use the term "mitigation" to describe the lessening of damage caused by an event such as a pipe break or a flood. We are a mitigation compan... READ MORE

Wood Floors Damaged By Storm

Storm Water Causes Damage To Wood Flooring When severe storms rolled through our area, heavy rains caused a stormwater intrusion that did the damage you see pic... READ MORE

Storm And Wind Damaged Office

Window Damaged By Storm Causes Flooding In Office During a storm, high winds can cause all kinds of damage. Water damage can be caused when strong winds lift up... READ MORE

Frozen Outdoor Spigot

The spigot pictured here froze and broke as a result of freezing temperatures during a cold snap this winter. Even though water was going out, it was also comin... READ MORE

Removing Mold From Your Home

Anytime your home experiences a water loss, there is the possibility of developing a mold problem. Within 24 hours of the water loss, mold can begin to grow if ... READ MORE

Getting Rid Of Mold Damage

What Do You Do About Mold In The Wall? Because of a leak from a broken pipe in this kitchen, there was a lot of mold growing behind the wall. The first thing th... READ MORE

Cupboard Full Of Mold

When you reach into your cupboard, mold is certainly not what you are looking for. However, due to humidity being trapped in these cupboards after a water loss,... READ MORE